High Voltage DC Isolators

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ART switch isolators have been installed in NSW and Victorian network since the mid1980s and have a proven track record. There is no evidence of any failure or rejections in service. 1500VDC 3000A ART Isolating Rail Connection Switch are installed throughout NSW and Victorian rail network at all sub-stations and on track. The Authorities specify that work can only commence on 1500VDC overhead wiring after power is isolated. This is done by providing at least one visible break; ie, using the ART Isolating/ Rail Connection Switch. All Australian Rail Technology switches and links are not intended to open or close whilst carrying load current, that is, they are not load breaking or load making. As NSW and Victorian railway networks operate on 1500V DC, we manufacture different styles of High current DC isolators up to 3,000A. The range of switches includes 2 and 3 positions, manually operated devices: ‘Open’, ‘Closed’ and ‘To Rail’.

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