Clever Cantilever

• Fully compatible with various basic
• Reduce installation time by up to
• Homologated by Network Rail in
the United Kingdom
• CLever is compliant with EN 50119
• Fully recyclable product
• Aluminium components improving
the handling to increase safety and
efficiency of installation
• European Patent – EP 14306631.4
• Reduced number of components
• Modularity improved to reduce
spare parts
• Low aerodynamic resistance
• Fast installation and easy
• Registration bracket fully adjustable
• High compression stability
• Lower deflection (as opposed to
round tube)
• Mechanical resistance optimised
for the application
• Avoids wrong installation
• Closed section to avoid dust, water,
ice and grit deposit

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CLever is an innovative cantilever for railway electrification, developed for 750 V, 1,5 kV, 3 kV, 25 kV transport networks. CLever was designed to deliver reliable performance for speeds up to 300 km/h. This innovative cantilever solution benefits from Alstom’s extensive experience in the field of electrification systems and component manufacture.



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