ART Stocks a range of cast and machined overhead line fittings and clamps which include

  • Anchor termination bracket,
  • Ball swivel clamp,
  • Clevis clamp for dia. 48.3 mm tube,
  • 20kg balance weight,
  • Cantilever mast bracket swivel,
  • Fluted eye clamp for dia. 48.3 mm tube,
  • Eye clamp for dia. 48.3 mm tube,
  • Registration arm swivel end fitting,
  • Registration arm compression eye,
  • Registration drop arm bracket for dia.48.3mm tube,
  • Suspension clamp plate,
  • Clamp for aluminium and copper conductors,
  • Suspension clamp body,
  • 10kg balance weight,
  • Clamping plates,
  • Spacer for two dia. 48.3 mm tubes,
  • Clamp for twin contact wire.
  • Reduced Height Adjustable dropper clip,
  • Dropper Clip Contact Wire (smaller),
  • Dropper Clip Catenary Wire (larger),
  • Half swivel clip for Contact Wire,
  • Half Swivel clip for Catenary Wire,

With access to a range of manufactures’, ART is able to source and supply the complete Overhead Line Equipment package for your project.

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ART supplies a wide range of castings for overhead railway line applications complete with fasteners. We specialise in high volume supply and also stock common types for smaller projects. Our assemblies can be supplied with standard nuts or specialty Lanfranco locknuts. ERM Lanfranco locknuts are a one piece, all metal locknut and washer, improving installation times and eliminating the need of a seperate washer and spring washer to be carried during installation.


Australian Rail Technology

ART specialise in bespoke Engineered Solutions and is a manufacturer of electronic and electro-mechanical products for the Rail Industry.