FD370 Non-Latching Hermetically Sealed Relay


3A@72VDC, 1PDT (DB-DM)

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LEACH relays for rail applications are specifically designed for critical, fail-safe operation and can be combined with high technology circuit boards to offer economical solutions to the constraints of rolling stock. Custom-packaged equipment and LRU racks featuring LEACH relays are ideal for use in Positive Train Separation (PTS) and Automated Train Control Systems (ATS) as well as in communications-based control and grade crossing systems.


Leach International

Leach International is the world’s leading provider of electromechanical and solid state switch gear for aircraft, defense, space, and rail applications. We leverage our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to create solutions-oriented equipment for power distribution and control. Combining our components with unique package design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom solutions such as AC/DC Primary and secondary power distribution assemblies, relay panels, thrust reverser control units, Emergency Lighting Control Units, GFI units, Smart contractors, and wiring integrated assemblies.