Vacuum Toilet Assemblies

The Glova Rail Compact “push pull” type design is made as a line replaceable unit. During the design and manufacturing phase key objectives have been reliability and serviceability. Glova Rail toilet units are designed according to the latest standards and have proved extremely reliable in service through condition monitoring technology via CAN communication using the unique Glova Rail controller and software. Glova Rail offers 6 versions including Toggle Valve (TV), Disc Valve (DV), Pinch Valve (PV), Wall mounted (WM), Squat Pan (SP), E2000 vacuum toilets. Combined with either a Controller PDC 220 or Controller PDC 220 4G, Glova Rail as the solution for your on board waste disposal requirements.

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Glova Rail specialise in the supply of vacuum toilet units for the refurbishing of pre-existing train toilets.