Li-Ion Batteries

Inventus Power engineers and manufactures custom and standard battery packs for a broad range of portable, motive & stationary applications. With 60 years of battery industry experience, Inventus has worked with multiple cell chemistries (i.e. Lithium based, NiMH, NiCd, Sealed Lead Acid). Over the last 30 years, the focus has been on Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery solutions due to its inherent strengths over other chemistries, such as high energy density, better cycle life, lighter weight, charge reliability, longer shelf life, etc. Despite the distinct advantages that Li-ion provides, there are design considerations that need to addressed to ensure a safe, high-quality and reliable power solution. As a leader in the industry, Inventus understands all critical elements required to design and develop battery packs that operate safely and correctly within their intended application and environment. In over six decades, Inventus has proudly shipped over one billion batteries and have not experienced a safety recall.

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Inventus Power

Inventus Power specialise in the design and manufacture of Li-ion battery packs, smart chargers, and efficient power supplies across a broad range of portable, motive & stationary applications.