Juridical Recorders – ERTMS

Logilus has developed Juridical recorders and ERTMS Trainborne Recording Units with crash-resistant memory installed on board of the trains. The Trainborne Recorder Unit is a universal Ethernet-based product that records in one unit various train information such as ERTMS signalling data, general signalling data, train diagnostic data or even video information.
The recorder is built around an Ethernet-based backbone that allows high speed data communication between the different boards and the Crash Protected Memory Module (CPMM).
The Legacy Comboard (MVB, Profibus, CAN) is available as an option for non-ethernet trains.
Web interface for the maintenance operator. Voice recording module and input/output boards are available as options. The ERTMS Trainborne Recording Unit collects and stores juridical data in the crash-resistant memory module. Diagnostic and other train data are stored in the removable memory module. Data download is achieved through the FFFIS interface or by means of an ethernet 10/100 MBits link. Profibus and MVB interface, CAN interface, Voice recoding module and input/output boards are available as options.

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