Drivers Desks & Panels

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ART provides solutions to clients custom requirements within the Drivers cabin , in particular solutions for the drivers desk and console. ART has proven innovation in back lit switch panels and enhanced ergonomic designs of driver’s desks using LED technology. Clear indication of switch position in dark environments has increased safety and comfort for the Driver and Guard. Confirmed status of the switch or button using a range of LED coloured light increases the ability to control the functions within the Drivers Cabin.

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Drivers Desks include electro mechanical sub-assemblies resistant to shock & vibration, climatic extremes, electromagnetic interference and high sealing ingress protection, such as ultra low profile intelligent Drivers Desks. Complete drivers cab system fit out, testing and inspection are also available.


Australian Rail Technology

ART specialise in bespoke Engineered Solutions and is a manufacturer of electronic and electro-mechanical products for the Rail Industry.