Data Loggers – Vigilance Systems

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Vigilance Systems have been designed to monitor the train driver’s alertness and to ensure that the driver is actively driving the train, i.e. that there is not a “dead-man” situation, or that the driver has not left the cab. At the heart of the Vigilance System is the Vigilance Control Unit which monitors task linked inputs such as throttle movement, activation of lights, horns, brakes and the dead-man switch to ascertain whether the driver is alert. The Vigilance System starts a timer after every driver action and alerts the driver with a warning light or alarm if he or she has not performed another action within a set time period. The driver can press a button or perform an acceptable action to acknowledge the warning and restart the timer. If the driver does not respond to the warnings the train emergency brakes are applied and the train will stop. ART has capability to Develop a new Vigilance System to your requirements. Service and test existing vigilance units and components.

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