Wheel & Brake Monitoring

Consumable components such as wheels and brakes on trains require regular inspection by maintenance personnel. It is essential for 100% of these safety critical components to be inspected at regular intervals. This task is time consuming and very costly for the operator. Wheel flat spots can cause extensive damage to the track which is costly and causes downtime.

Since the measurements required are repeatable and do not require the removal of components on the trains themselves, an automatic measurement system can be utilised to provide more regular, cheaper and more reliable measurements.

The Modular VIEW system measures critical parameters of the wheels and brakes which;

  • Greatly reduces maintenance staff load by removing the need for manual inspections
  • Minimise the effects of human effort
  • Detects defects before they cause damage to tracks and trains
  • Allows for longer periods between replacing components without compromising on safety or reliability providing dramatic savings in maintenance
  • Detects missing components such as mounting bolts to prevent catastrophic failure of safety and mission critical systems

Wheel and Brake Monitoring.pdf

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