Tensioning Devices – The New Technology

Australian Rail Technology can offer our customers Tensioning Devices that have a low visual impact which eliminates complex driving gears and counterweights. Gone are the days of heavy weight systems that contractors have to install in hard-to-get places, ie tunnels, bridges etc.

These Innovative Devices gives you all the answers to that difficult problem of Weight Systems.

ART can offer you two different Tensioning Devices for your application.

The Tir-Tronic – a Patented System, this Hydraulic device allows automatic adjustment. The best reason for installing this system is its compactness, easy installation and very little maintenance; with a centralized data telemonitoring solution if required.

Aero 1000 – a Gas Tensioning device will compensate the copper dilation due to ambient temperatures. A Self Regulated Solution with pressure sensors, and linear transducer sensors. A force adjustable system also with a Monitoring solution.

Main Features

  • Limited weight and reduced dimensions
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Very Little Maintenance
  • On-ground and off-line maintenance (uninterrupted railways traffic)
  • High Traction range (3-50kN)
  • High adjustment capacity (up to 1200mm)
  • Fault detection and alarm (wire breakage, malfunction)

Bonomi Tir-Tronic Mechanical Tensioning Device

Main Features

  • No Counterweight for a better and safe integration.
  • Self Regulated Solution with a reduced maintenance
  • No Risk pollution because of intert gas (nitrogen)
  • Possibility to monitor the catenary wires through an electronic supervision system.

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