Serving the Signal and Communication needs of Railroads and Rail Transit Systems.

ART provides custom made electronic equipment along with a range of electronic components, all used by mechanical and track operators, to whom we have provided for over 20 years.

We also service, repair and calibrate a wide range of Signalling and Electronic instruments and equipment as well as servicing other signalling test equipment and devices. ART is the preferred vendor of Authorities for Power Supply repairs and upgrades, as well as, design and engineering for DC Convertors for special applications.

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Audio frequency track circuit filter

AUDIO-FREQUENCY-TRACK-CIRCUIT-FILTERAssists in the measurement of audio frequencies used in track circuits.

Product Number: 3505

View specification sheet: Audio Frequency Track Circuit Filter_XP3505.pdf

Audio frequency track circuit meter

AFTCMeter2Meter to measure to the audio frequency used in track circuits. Supplied in a tough carry bag suitable for field and track use. Complete with rechargable batteries and multimeter test leads. Hard cases available on request for extra charge.

Product Number: 3507

View specification sheet: Audio Frequency Track Circuit Meter_XP3507.pdf

Battery voltage monitor

Battery_Voltage_MonitorThe Battery Voltage Monitor is used in Level Crossings to monitor the battery voltage levels.

Product Number: 3508

View specification sheet: Battery Voltage Monitor for Railway Signals_XP3508.pdf

Diode block for GEC point machine

Diode Block with Surge Suppression 3509-8000Product Number: 3509

View specification sheet: Diode block for GEC point machine_XP3509.pdf

Lamp Proving Module

The Lamp Proving Module is used to monitor the current flowing in a 120Vac lamp circuit.

Product Number: 3510

View specification sheet: Lamp Proving Module_XP3510.pdf

Lamp Proving Module with Surge Protection

Lamp-proving-module-with-surge-protectorThe Lamp Proving Module is used to monitor the current flowing in a 120Vac lamp circuit and is fully compliant to EN50121-4 Emission and Immunity of Signalling Apparatus.

Product Number: 3788

View specification sheet: Lamp Proving Module with Surge Protection_XP3788.pdf

Pulse integrator

Pulse Integrator 3512-1000

The Pulse Integrator is used in conjunction with a multimeter to measure the positive and negative peak voltages of High Voltage Impulse Track Circuits.

Product Number: 3512

View specification sheet: Pulse Integrator Tester_XP3512.pdf

20K Shunt


Plug into the Multi Meter to give resistance on testing. Provide a 20k to 100k shunt load to help reduce noise.

Product Number: 3513

View specification sheet: 20k Shunt_XP3513.pdf

100K Shunt

Shunt 3513 & 3514 1000

Plug into the Multi Meter to give resistance on testing. Provide a 20k to 100k shunt load to help reduce noise.

Product Number: 3514

View specification sheet: 100k Shunt_XP3513.pdf

Track Shunt Tester

Track Shunt Tester 3515-1000The Track Shunt Tester is used in signalling application to test and adjust signalling track circuits.

Product Number: 3515

View specification sheet: Track shunt tester_XP3515.pdf

Varistor tester

Lightning Arrestor and Varistor Tester 3516-1000The Lighting Arrester and Varistor Tester is used to determine the breakdown voltage of Arrestor and Varistors.

Product Number: 3516

View specification sheet: Varistor tester _XP3516.pdf

Vital Indicator Optoisolator


The Vital Indication Optoisolator is used in signalling circuits to provide an electrically isolated output.

They are available a 12Vdc, 50Vdc and 120Vac operation and are designed to be mounted on standard DIN rails for easy installation.

Product Number: 3517

Dual Voltage Regulator

Dual-Voltage-RegulatorThe Dual Voltage Regulator provides two precision 12Vdc regulated outputs for various signalling circuits. They are designed using a robust Aluminum extruded housing and termination is via a convenient screw type Pheonix connector.

Product Number: 3638


EuroCardDesigned around the reliable MTM Power modules, the Eurocards are universal compact power supplies. With wide input range for worldwide application, they allow efficient cast saving solution for different tasks where medium ranged power is needed.

Product Number: 3786

View specification sheet: Eurocard AC/DC Power Supply_XP3786.pdf