Australian Rail Technology is the distributer for S&C in the Australasian network.

S&C primarily serve the Signal and Communications needs of Railroads and Rail Transit Systems.

Complete spec sheets of each product and accessories are available. Contact ART for further information.


Relay Slides

331 DC_AC Slide331 DC/AC Slide

Our 331-1 DC/AC Relay Slide embodies all the recommendations that have been received regarding relay slide design over the last thirteen years. Most importantly, this Slide can work with a 10-16 volt DC source to slide DC signal relays and a 10-16 volt AC source to slide AC PO relays, or similar. It is also able to test Vane Relays.

331 5 Recording Slide331-5 Recording Slide

Responding to widespread interest in a relay test set that can record and download test results to a computer, this unit has successfully packaged an AC/DC Recording Slide into the same size package  and with all the features of its well known and widely used DC, AC and DC/AC Slides.

330 Series DC Signal Relay Slides330 Series DC Signal Relay Slides

“Railroad rugged” smallest comprehensive signal relay tester. Volt and ohmmeter provide simultaneous readouts. Include polarity reversing switch and LED “power-on” indicator. Two models: 2.0A max. output, 3-turn and 10-turn pots. Another important feature, now furnished on our entire made slides is the charge button. The charge button saturates the coil which dramatically cuts down on testing time. Available in a padded case with leads (relay test and local battery).

Optional equipment includes: battery packs, AC to DC power supply, in-vehicle chargers, adapter for use with plug-in relays out of the rack, long-reach probes for use with plug-in relays in the rack, searchlight signal testing adapters and shoulder harnesses.

Accessories and variations Available

Signalman’s Meter

355 Series Signalman’s MeterModel 355 Signalman’s Meter

While the unit is digital, it also offers an analogue display (bar graph) for each scale, for those who prefer such an indication. The use of modern technology allows several additional features that relate to today’s signal maintenance requirements.

All Functions, All Scales Protected Against Electrical damage

Fuses, Batteries Front And/Or Side Accessed

Temperature Range: -40 degF to +140 degF (With Lithium Batteries Furnished

All Volts, Ohms and Amps Displays Provided With Analog Bar Graphs

And more…

Accessories and variations Available

Test Timer Apparatus

410 Signal Test Timer410 Signal Test Timer

The Model 410 Signal Test Timer has several capabilities that address various operations and signal related needs. Test data is recorded internally and is downloadable through the use of HyperTerminal, available in various Microsoft Windows configurations.

Portable. Operates on furnished, plug-in 120VAC to 12VDC power supply or local battery, or Battery Kit accessories. Can also be installed on a permanent basis.

410.2_Train TimerTimer Set, complete, for train timing

The Model 410 Train Speed Timer allows the user to time trains, record the data, then download the recorded information on to a computer for analysis and other purposes.

Portable. Operates on furnished, plug-in 120 VAC to 12VDC power supply or local battery, or battery Kit accessories. Can also be installed on a permanent basis.

Accessories Available

Data Recorder

1010 Signalman’s Portable Data RecorderModel 1010 Portable Data Recorder

The 1010 Portable Data Recorder (PDR) provides the means to monitor up to sixteen contact closures and/or floating outputs such as those provided by GCP’s ® or VHLC’s ®, and two analogue inputs for tracking voltages, and time/date stamp their activity. Terminals can accommodate #20 – #10 AWG wire sizes.

The use of an SD Card to store the comma delimited data will allow long time intervals to be recorded.

Accessories Available


335_336 Railroad Signal Cable Megohmeter & Arrestor Tester335/336 Railroad Signal Cable Megohmmeter & Arrestor Tester

Digital Volt-Ohm Milliammeter.  Reads and displays AC and DC volts simultaneously, with Bar Graphs. Substantially reduces testing time. No buttons to push or cranks to turn. Built-in alarms sound when insulation resistance values reach 500K ohms and 200K ohms. Non-destructive testing of lightening arrestor for any arrestor that fires at 600Volts or less. Plus the Megohmmeter does not have a bar graph.

Kits include Megohmmeter/Arrestor Tester, leads, 120 VAC charger, In-Vehicle Charging Adapter, Calibration Check Device, Sweep Cross-Check Adapter and zipped padded case. Available in 250V and 600V.

Accessories and variations Available

Narrow Band Shunt Tester

Narrow Band Shunt TesterModel 322-2 Shunt Coupler Tester Kit

This device permits the testing of tunning, throughput and attention characteristics, of Narrow Band Shunts and joint Couplers. Its frequency counter also will enable the reading of the associated transmitter output. A check of each device in the approach “network”, allows you to determine the source of the problem.

This highly portable device permits the maintainer to make tests trackside, before movement of the shunt or Coupler changes conditions that cause failure. Doing so maximizes time required to perform the tests.

Accessories and variations Available

Short Finder

344 Track Circuit Short FinderModel 344 Track Circuit Short Finder

The Model 344 Short Finder has capabilities well beyond finding shorts. Among those other applications are:

• Track insulation tester, including insulated joints

• Locating line and cable shorts

• Identifying high-resistance Bonds & Track Connections

• Noisy air gap arrestors, etc

Determination of the electrical quality of the sleeper/ballast network as it affects the ability to confirm the resistance of testing shunts.

Accessories Available

Cab Signal Code Analyzer

577 Cab Signal Code AnalyzerModel 577 Anlyzr, BP, 40Hz, Base Clmp

Handy tool for setting up and maintaining coded track circuits in cab signal territory. Connects directly to the track for track measurement, or for convenience, has test leads with clips to connect to track wire terminals in the bungalow or case.

Nominal internal hard shunt helps the 577 Cab signal Code Analyzer deliver accurate information on the capacity of the track circuit to maintain proper current levels.

Accessories and variations Available

Ground Finder

Ground Finder 360Model 360 Ground Finder

Our Model 360 Ground Finder is a stand-alone tool designed to simplify, expedite and standardize the testing for grounds required by FRA Rules No. 234.249 and 236.107. Testing voltage is 22.5 VDC in both Test (volts) and Confirm (current) modes, reflecting a standard common with several railroads, and out of normal signalling voltage ranges. Unique “touch and go” operation greatly accelerates testing. Built “railroad tough” to withstand the usual working environment, the 360 tester is designed with circuitry that gives protection against damage caused by momentary contact with 110VAC. And, because output is current-limited, connection of the tester to a high-current ground will not damage the tester. Comes with battery, leads, and zipped tool pouch.

Accessories Available

Train Stop Inductor Tester

Train Stop Inductor Tester – 400-1

Tester is designed to identify the impedance range of the inductor choke coil with a Laminated Test Bar accessory simulating the on-train receiver. A reading above or below the acceptable range indicates a bad inductor. This test simulates a live, operational environment which is the most complete form of test.

To help insure that the Tester internal battery is not depleted unnecessarily, the power switch is a dependent push-button. The power switch must be depressed to conduct a test. At all other times the Tester is turned off. The Model 400 Train Stop Inductor Tester comes in a rugged, fiberglass-reinforced, poly-vinyl case complete with leads, charger for the build-in, lead-acid gel cell, and removable, padded shoulder harness.

Impedance Bond Tester

401.1A_Impedance Bond TesterModel 401 Impedance Bond Tester – 401-1A

Easily portable Tester used to test conventional impedance bonds (not Wee-Z type impedance bonds). Allows user to determine the impedance of a bond at selectable test frequencies of 60 Hz and 156 Hz. Indicator flashes at 1-2 ohms. Meter reading covers a non-inductive resistance range of zero to 100 ohms. Operates on one 9V battery (included). Push-button controlled LED’s light meter for 15 seconds at a time for night time use. Comes complete with zippered, padded case and leads equipped with BU-11 battery clips for gripping impedance bond terminal lugs.

Track Circuit Digital Voltmeter

506 802 AC_DC VoltmeterModel 506-802 DVM w/Case, Leads

The easy to read, digital “OLED” display shows AC and DC reading of 0-17V simultaneously. Great for taking track voltage readings, or finding opens, the 506-802 AC/DC Voltmeter + also features a spectrum analyser, allowing the operator to see all signals on the track in a spectrum of 0-20KHz (DC is displayed as a zero Hz Signal). Also with the ease of push-button operation, the operator can select each signal to display its frequency and voltage.