Repairs, Upgrades And Maintenance

Electrical Equipment Overhaul

As well as the manufacture and design of electrical and electronic components and systems we have the expertise, skills and equipment to overhaul and upgrade aging equipment.

In particular Australian Rail Technology is experienced in the upgrade and repair for products under the Fischer Industry brand. We have repaired and overhauled:

  • Various Fischer Industries Data Loggers, including major overhaul programs for the Mk 1 Data Logger and power supply upgrades for the Mk 2 Data Loggers.
  • Axle mounted pulse generators, with new encoder and mechanicals
  • Jumpers remanufactured with heavier cabling

Our premises contain an electronic room that utilizes technology from high end ‘clean rooms’. We used sealed doors and a system of positive pressure air conditioners to ensure a clean environment to carry out our work.

Isolator Refurbishment

In accordance with the Electrical Technical Maintenance Plan:

  • Every two years, the Isolating and Rail Connecting Switches should be visually inspected and operated to check the alignment of the Blade with the fixed contacts.
  • Every 6-12 months, the contact faces of the fixed contact blocks and the wiping faces of the blade should be cleaned and polished with a soft cloth and the approved contact grease reapplied.

Australian Rail Technology is experienced in refurbishing Isolators, in a thorough process:

  • An inspection of the switch and stripping of all required parts
  • Re-plating and re-tinning of all copper parts
  • Replacement of all fasteners and casting parts
  • Re-assembly of the switch
  • All required tests performed

Service, Repair and Calibration

We also service, repair and calibrate a wide range of Signalling and Electronic instruments and equipment as well as servicing other signalling test equipment and devices. ART are the preferred vendor of the Authorities for Power Supply repairs and upgrades

For further information or advice please contact Australian Rail Technology on Ph: 02 9482 5710 or use the Contact Form below: