Relays and Relay Racks

Australian Rail Technology is the Australian agent for Leach relays. These relays originate from the aerospace industry where the need for high reliability and long life was crucial. Now this technology is in use on rolling stock. They are currently being used on Australia’s largest passenger train project in order to provide high reliability combined with critical space saving form factor.

Leach International’s hermetically sealed relays are suitable for use on rolling stock where space and weight are critical without compromising quality. These are proven components currently used worldwide.

The Leach relay range is complete from 2pole double throw (2PDT) through to 11PDT. Also available are Special Function Relays (SFR) consisting of time delays ON/OFF, Latches, Flashers and Voltage Monitors.

Australian Rail Technology is able to supply Leach relays in various formats:

  • Individual component
  • Panel mounted
  • Modules in a Form Fit Relay Solution


Leach Relay F470

These relays are available for customer to install as a ‘stand alone’. They are available in various configurations;

  1. PCB
  2. Socket mounted PCB
  3. DIN rail socket mount
  4. Direct solder

Relay & Power Control Solutions.pdf


Relay Panel

A PCB panel containing the relays either directly attached (solder) or via sockets. The PCB allows for custom logic, interlocks and connectors this is ideal for known designs.

Micro Footprint Relay Power control Panels.pdf

form fit relay solution

Form Fit Relay Solution

Relays mounted on PCBs to form a Printed Circuit Assembly Each Relay Module is made up of two Printed Circuit Assemblies (PCA)

The modules are commonly loaded into a 6u high 19” sub rack (other sizes and formats are available). Intermediary wiring allows for custom logic to be defined within the sub rack. Because of this internal wiring the Form Fit Relay Solutions allows for concurrent development (manufacture of fix relay modules with flexible wiring). As the Form Fit Relay Solution is a ‘system’ in itself it enables testing off board so that interlocking circuits, fail-safes and parallel circuits can be defined and proved before fitting to the train.

 Modules in a Form Fit Relay Solution.pdf

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