Project: Waratah Power Control Systems – Form Fit Relay Solution

The beginning of a 35 year partnership. Advanced Electronics and Power Control Systems.

Originating from the passenger aerospace industry, form fit relay solutions were first used on rolling stock in France, followed by England and then Australia. It is now a model used around the world.

A$16million contract, 35 year Through Life Support (TLS) Contract

At a value of over $16million, Australian Rail Technology was awarded this contract in Australia in 2008, for a four year term, with 35 years through-life-support. The contract included:

  • Fully documented design
  • Shock and vibration to IEC61373 Cat 1
  • Hi Pot and continuity test
  • Functional test
  • Delivery test
  • Routine test
  • Design certificates

Form Fit Relay Solution design and manufacturing

  • 19” sub racks and variations that use commercial-off-the-shelf design.
  • Relay modules (held by the sub rack) with special function relays (timer and voltage sensors) and standard relays.
  • The sub rack internal wiring allows for the setup of logic, interlocks, parallel/redundant circuits and system interface etc. This means easy logic changes can be confirmed in the workshop before installation.
  •  There are 19 different module types used in 68 positions, reducing spares holding and down time.
  • The fixed module design and flexible wiring allows for concurrent design and manufacturing. Six different variations have been developed.

Over a 1000 sub racks have been provided for the new Waratah trains to date.