Overhead Systems & Tensioning Devices

Australian Rail Technology is the agent for the OMNIA range of overhead wiring solution.

ART is able to provide both partially and fully assembled cantilever assemblies. These can be delivered individually (palletised) or by crate loads for wire runs which enables rapid installation during rail possession.

Overhead fittings

Due to a demand for overhead fittings such as Clamps, Forked Collars and End Clamps, ART also supports the Installers of overhead construction with a stock of fittings.

Tensioning Devices

The Evolution of Mechanical tensioning devices have proven capabilities all around the world. ART brings to Australia these Capabilities.

Depending on your application, we can offer you a solution, may it be a Vertical or a Horizontal Application, Tramway or Rail Application. We also offer the Electronic software function controlled by remote computer, local console or even Bluetooth.

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Components for overhead line electrification.pdf

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