Lanfranco Locknuts

Australian Rail Technology is the agent for the LANFRANCO slotted locknuts. Lanfranco locknuts are made to stand up to the toughest conditions and help your team achieve their performance goals. From designers to the operators working on site, our parts will REDUCE-DOWNTIME.

Why LANFRANCO slotted locknuts are so effective:

  • Extreme temperatures & corrosion
  • Easy to install/Remove
  • No galling
  • Standard tools & bolts
  • Reusable and non-destructive (nut + bolt)
  • All metal & one single piece: No metal inserts or plastic rings.
  • Vibration and shock proof
  • Locks in any position
  • Prevailing torque: always guaranteed!
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • Fully traceable with lot numbers


Locking feature obtained by the two self-locking slots found on the turret portion of the nut. Each slot is de-pitched using precision manufacturing techniques. When installed, the turret regains its original form and each slot grips the flank of the bolt thread on two different planes and opposite sides. This form of locking does not damage the bolt and provides high reusability. Resistance to vibration has been confirmed by comparative tests carried out by CETIM Test Labs.

The single piece all metal design ensures nuts will perform in temperatures of -200°C to +400ºC. The ERM nut also has a captive disc spring washer. This one piece assembly is a time saver and guarantees bolt tension under any condition.

Australian Rail Technology is the sole supplier of all Lanfranco Components.

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