Jumpers and Looms

Rolling stock jumpers                   

Jumpers are used to connect power or communications and signal circuits between carriages.

There are heavy duty inter-car power jumpers, communications cable assemblies and shore supplies jumpers. Hybrid jumpers include a combination of power and communications arrangements.

Jumpers are used in harsh environments and need to withstand water, dust, saline conditions and acid washes.

Solutions for new trains and refurbishment 

Australian Rail Technology specialises in the design of one-off solutions for new trains and the refurbishing of old jumpers for existing carriages. We have the engineering capabilities to design from ‘scratch’ or manufacture to ‘build-to-print’.

Standard and custom products

Our in-house design, assembly and testing to customers requirements can accommodate:

  • Wide range of voltages to 10kV DC
  • Customer specifications and lengths
  • Power and control circuit connections
  • Ingress protection
  • Custom pin out
  • Heavy duty insulation (Radox)
  • IP rated connectors
  • Halogen free multi-core cable
  • In-house testing such as Hi-pot and Megger

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