With ART’s Engineering Team; the need for new ideas, processes and better solutions for the Railways Industry is part of our ongoing self improvement.

This is accomplished through our lengthy knowledge of the Railways Markets worldwide and with the ongoing requirement for improvement in the Consortium of these sometimes old Railway systems; we have the SKILLS ON DEMAND to improve, create or bring new ideas for a Complete Rail Solution.

Further ART are proud to say our innovation (Pantograph Collision Detection System) has been supported in part by NSW Trade & Investment through the Innovate NSW program. The Department provided funding to help develop the project as it was recognized as a product that can deliver value for the NSW economy.

Our ‘can do’ approach at ART within in our Engineering and Manufacturing Team, means that our Project Base tends to be never empty.

We have a reputation for on-time delivery and on-budget delivery of quality to the most demanding client requirements.

Presently in our current projects, our major customer is Sydney Trains with a value of some $8m and growing… A feat that speaks for itself.

For more information on Current ART projects, please see below;


ART Motor Drive for Isolating Switch

ART’s next in-house Project will be the Motorisation of our Isolating Switches. We are currently working with Sydney Trains – Hornsby Maintenance Centre – to finalize a Motor Drive for the Isolating Switches at this Centre.


ART was asked to design and supply a Driver Machine Interface (DMI) Screen Adjustable Mount for Alstom to assist with delivery of the ETCS.

The DMI (Driver Machine Interface) Screen Adjustable Mount has been developed according to Alstom and Transport for New South Wales demand. This device will be implemented on the Oscar Rollingstock of the Sydney Trains fleet.

The current DMI Screen is fixed to the driver’s desk and experience has shown that the screen glare was a problem. ART is in charge to design and manufacture a solution which allows the rotation of the screen within a 30° range. The driver will be able to manually tilt the screen and set the angle as required to get rid of the reflection. The screen will be equipped with a force control mechanism; high reliability and protection from water ingress. Various prototypes were constructed and subjected to automated testing to ensure a long life in design.

The DMI is tested to EN 61373 for shock and vibration and IP55 for ingress protection and will remain in the attained position during normal operating conditions, under induced vibrations.


The 1500V DC Inverter provides a 5kVA 240V AC single phase supply to traditionally difficult locations. It is designed for the tough environmental conditions found within the rail corridor and has a wide operating range both electrically and environmentally.

The standard unit is design to mount outdoors onto a mast or structural members of various widths.  The system contains a unique earth negative bonding mechanism that prevents hazardous touch potentials for maintenance staff.

5kVA 1500V DC Inverter System.pdf


ART in conjunction with Sydney Trains is proud to present the Railways LED Lantern Tester (RLLT)

Used by Colour Vision or Chromaticity Specialists World-wide, the RLLT is an instrument to gauge the ability of a person to distinguish colours and normal colour-vision within the Railway Industry.

The Lantern Tester is light weight, portable, easy to use and robust.

Railway LED Lantern Test.pdf

To find out more visit Railways LED Lantern Tester website


The ART 1500VDC Detector is a resistive type voltage detector for use on live voltages. The detector has been designed for compliance to IEC61243 (Live Working-Voltage Detectors-Resistive type to be used for voltages of 1kV to 36kV a.c.). Further the detector has been designed for compliance to Transport for New South Wales Engineering Specification SP E 70000 and SP E 70001 Voltage Detector for use on 1500VDC DC Equipment Over-head Wiring / Inside Substations respectively.


  • High voltage range 0-3000VDC
  • LED display (read easily indoor/outdoor)
  • Ambient light sensing on display
  • Built in self test
  • IEC61243 Compliance (by design)
  • Compliance to TfNSW requirement’s (by design)

1500VDC Detector For Substations, Trackside & Overhead.pdf


Vigilance Systems have been designed to monitor the train driver’s alertness and to ensure that the driver is actively driving the train, i.e. that there is not a “dead-man” situation, or that the driver has not left the cab.

At the heart of the Vigilance System is the Vigilance Control Unit which monitors task linked inputs such as throttle movement, activation of lights, horns, brakes and the dead-man switch to ascertain whether the driver is alert.

The Vigilance System starts a timer after every driver action and alerts the driver with a warning light or alarm if he or she has not performed another action within a set time period. The driver can press a button or perform an acceptable action to acknowledge the warning and restart the timer. If the driver does not respond to the warnings the train emergency brakes are applied and the train will stop.

At Australian Rail Technology we can;

  • Develop a new Vigilance System to your requirements.
  • Service and test existing vigilance units and components.

Driver Vigilance Unit.pdf

Our Track Magnet Receiver (TMR) is the next evolution in reliable field sensing for Australian rail networks. Modern processing techniques and proven circuits enable accurate detection of north and south magnetic fields generated by track magnets or inductors. The device provides threshold switched outputs and is fully user configurable.

Designed and built for the extremes of Australian rolling stock applications. The TMR features a brand new low-profile enclosure with high rigidity and robustness.

Key Features:

  • Designed for compliance with EN 50155 including shock and vibration to IEC 61373
  • Drop-in replacement. Identical footprint as original UG/Fisher MD device (mounting pattern, distance above rail).
  • Supports multiple connectors types (Harting, ITT/Cannon, Marechal)
  • Fully serviceable
  • High MTBF – as this is a critical device within the SIL environment.
  • Self-test mode on start-up. Redundant circuits.
  • Configurable for auto-reset option.

Track Magnet Reciever.pdf

Existing Model

Redesigned Proposal

ART is offers a range of products for signalling applications. We are currently working on an upgrade of these references. Our intention is to provide competitive and reliable equipment, adapted to our customer needs and the evolution of the railway industry.

The electronic devices will have a different hardware structure, based on Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components. The SMT will help us to reduce the volume of some devices and propose an updated external design, lighter, easier to carry on the track. Regarding the technical specifications, they will be maintained or improved.

Our priority is to keep our devices friendly to use and adapted to the track work conditions.

We are currently designing a new version of our Audio Frequency Track Circuit Meter. The AFTCM is the more complex product of our range. It is used for testing and maintenance of track circuit system components. We will be able to offer the upgraded AFTCM in 2015.

25kv_on-long-poleThe ART 25kV Isolator is designed after a need from Aurizon QLD to address the specific harsh environment issues including poor closing alignment, vermin fouling, the requirement to reduce maintenance synchronization, interlocking and secondary SCADA position indication of the blade.

The advantages of ART 25kV Isolators are;

1. Optional blade detection system is independent of the switching mechanism, meaning a highly reliable position indication.

2. Modular design for ganging or alternate arrangements.

3. Vertical arrangement (removal of horizontal surfaces) reduces the occurrence of snakes and vermin fouling.

4. Fixed terminals reduce maintenance requirements. Cables do not flex during switching. Patent pending.

5. Maintenance free.  No bearings to grease.

6. Heavy duty frames = repeatable closing.

Switches proposed can be upgraded to Blade Detection Box.

Motor Drive Options available.

View PDF


The PCMS (Pantograph Control Monitoring System) control cabinet provides a drop in site solution for up to two PantoInspect scanners. All that is required is a 240VAC supply and a network connection to the PantoInspect server. The cabinet provides power and data distribution for up to:

  • Four Transcore SmartPass4 RFID tag readers
  • Four RSR123 Frauscher Wheel Detectors
  • Two PantoScanners
  • One Winch control box with 10A GPO

The temperature of the cabinet is controlled by a Dantherm 600 air conditioner to protect the components from the harsh temperatures experienced within the rail corridor.

The UPS provides power quality filtering for the sensitive equipment in the control cabinet and the scanner unit(s) themselves, in the event of a site power failure, the UPS allows the system to shutdown in a graceful manner without causing any damage to hardware or corrupting software.

An optional web server monitoring system provides independent remote access to the status of the system. It monitors the 24VDC power supplies, temperature, door status, site current draw and the main and UPS busses. The web server obtains an internet connection through a 3G router, this allows access to the status webpage via the internet and email alerts for critical situations to be sent.

For key features and technical data please view the pdf below.

PCMS Control Cabinet.pdf

For further information or advice please contact Australian Rail Technology on Ph: 02 9482 5710 or use the Contact Form below: