Condition Monitoring

Routine maintenance on railway assets can cause unnecessary costs and down time. Current manual inspections of trains are a considerable expense for operators and it is impossible to predict unexpected damage occurring during normal operation. Automated condition monitoring of this equipment allows for the adaption of predictive maintenance methods that can save money over the life of equipment and prevent costly network delays. Australian Rail Technology have partnered with overseas suppliers to offer a range of condition monitoring solutions for the Australian market.

ART and Image House PantoInspect have partnered to produce the Pantograph Condition Monitoring System (PCMS), for automatic quality control inspections of pantographs on electrified trains in service. Australian Rail Technology is also the agent for manufactures of modular VIEW systems which measures critical parameters of wheels and brake systems.

Furthermore, ART develops condition monitoring equipment in-house, such as the Pantograph Collision Detection System for monitoring of defective overhead wiring components.

ART’s strong partnerships with overseas suppliers and the ability to develop custom condition monitoring systems in-house, means ART can provide a full condition monitoring suite to fit all requirements.

With ART’s Condition Monitoring Systems, we can;

  • Provide wear measurements to allow for more efficient maintenance schemes to be developed
  • Reduce maintenance cost whilst simultaneously improving safety
  • Minimise the effect of human error
  • Detect defects before they cause major damage to the tracks and trains

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